unschooling in Canada, also known as Natural Learning, and Non-Coercive Education

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We would love to have your contributions to unschooling dot ca. As you probably know, unschooling is a general term which loosely encompasses a variety of approaches. Please interpret it as you wish. We would love to see a Canadian angle, if possible, but this is not strictly necessary. Your contribution can be anecdotal, story-like, academic, or chatty, as you wish.

  • Previously published articles are welcome.
  • Articles critical of unschooling and homeschooling are welcome.

    Below are some focal areas that you might want to use to approach your article if you like. We are open to what moves you.

    • Attachment Parenting
    • Breastfeeding
    • Sexuality & Gender Issues
    • Decentralisation of Government
    • Spirituality in Education
    • Moral Education
    • Attention Deficit Labels
    • Academic Excellence
    • Importance of Play
    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
    • Public Education
    • Equality and Respect
    • Human Rights
    • Environmental Issues

    Please send your article in the body of an email, by cutting or pasting if possible. Or, if you wish please send a Word document as an attachment.

    The rights to your article remain with you. They will be published as web pages on this site, and we can add links to your pages at the bottom on request. We cannot reimburse you for your contribution. Your articles will be removed any time you request it to be done, with a reasonable lead time.

    Anita Roy

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